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Come fly with us at Wylie Field

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Fun-Fly 2014

This years Fun-Fly event was held at the Club’s Wylie Field on June 21.  The flying events for this year included the following:

·  Carrier Landing Event—The object being to take-off and land in one of three carrier landing areas (First Wire, Second Wire, Third Wire) marked on the runway.  Points were awarded bases on which area the airplanes wheels touch-down in first.  If the pilot caught the wire with their landing gear (a string stretched a few inches above the ground and across the carrier landing area) then their landing area points were doubled.

·  Take off, Loop, and Land Event—This was a timed and distance event.  The object being to take-off, loop and land in the shortest time and land closest to a spot on the runway.  If the pilot did a dead-stick landing after completing the loop, a points multiplayer was applied to his or her take-off to landing time.

·  Take-off and Land in one Minute—With out using any outside timing support or influence, this event required the pilot to take-off and land with a total flight time as of one minute.  During his flight other competing pilots, could tease and jeer the flying pilot, trying to break the flying pilots concentration.


To see a slide show of the planes flown, click on the description below the pictures.

Eating Area—Hot Dogs for Lunch

Pit Area— Getting the Airplanes Ready

Spectators Area—Bleachers & Seating

Jack Becker—Helping Douglass get his  airplane ready

Bill Berson—Conducting the Pilots Safety Briefing

This Years Fun-Flying Events

Pete Granger—Club’s News Letter Editor

(From Left to Right) Rob Davis, Jim Rust, Bill Berson, Seth Stephens — Talking the Talk

A good time was had by all

A special Thanks to the following individuals for their assistance in making this years Fun-Fly a success.

· Seth Stephens for grooming the flying field and most importantly for coordinating, setting-up and preparing the BBQ

· Bill Berson, Lawrence Pendleton and Roy Green for setting up the canopies, the flying field, and for coordinating and marking the landing area for the Fun-Fly events.

· Rob Davis, Barry Ford and Seth Stephens for scoring and recording the results for each pilots Fun-Fly event.